Policies & Rules for Computer Lab Use

Computer lab use policy consists of the following rules and policies listed below.

Any person found violating computer lab rules or policies may not be admitted or may lose their lab privileges.

Print Billing/Print Refund Policies

Refunds will be provided ONLY for technical printing issues, e.g., low toner, etc. Refunds will NOT be provided for printing mistakes.  Please contact the Help Desk (412-396-4357) to place a refund request.

You can see your current print jobs and charges here.

General Use of Computer Labs

  • No food or drink in the computer labs.
  • No disruptive behavior.
  • No moving the lab equipment and/or cables.
  • No laptops on the wired network. It is okay to have laptops in the labs and be on the wireless network, they just can't be physically plugged into our jacks.
  • Keep sound levels to a minimum.
  • The labs are for Duquesne students, staff and faculty ONLY. We reserve the right to check IDs.
  • All users MUST scan their DU Card to gain access to the labs.


Is there any login information?

  • Lab computers require logging on with an active Multipass username and password.

What if there is a problem in the lab with a computer or printer?

  • Notify the lab consultant.
  • If no lab consultant is on duty, direct any issues to the CTS Help Desk at 412-396-4357.

Can I save information on the hard drive on a lab computer?

  • CTS strongly recommends that you save all work to a USB drive. You will be permitted to save files temporarily to the hard drive, however, the drives are cleaned on a regular basis. Do not use the hard drives as personal storage space or as the only copy of a file. Recovering information after a drive has been cleaned is not possible. Practice safe computing and keep multiple copies on transportable media.