Wireless Printing

We now offer wireless printing from your personal computer, tablets, and phones (from on-campus) to a specific lab printer.

To do this upload files to http://webprint.duq.edu - (Instructions)

Note: You can only access http://webprint.duq.edu on Duquesne University's campus.

Printing Options

  • You can either release the job to the printer at that time or leave it there to print in the future from any other computer or laptop on campus.
  • The only way to print via wireless printing is to upload your file to the Print Manager Plus Server.
  • You can upload from any desktop or laptop, PC or Mac, tablets or phones, anywhere on campus.
  • You must save the file you intend to print and select it from the WebPrint web application.

Printing web pages from your own device

Both Macintosh and Windows users may need assistance if you want to print a web page using the WebPrint system. To do so, we recommend installing Google Chrome on your computer. Instructions for the installation of Google Chrome can be found here.

a) Instructions for how to print a web page using a Macintosh machine can be found here

b) Instructions for how to print a web page using a Windows machine can be found here