Wireless Printing


Wireless printing is functional for laptops, hand held devices, and cell phone. However, it is highly recommended that you only use your cell phone as a release station for your print jobs. 

Wireless printing can be accomplished by following these steps:

Go to the following link to access your account http://webprint.duq.edu

Note: You can only access http://webprint.duq.edu on Duquesne University's campus.


PMP 9 Login screen

Enter your Multipass credentials




PMP 9 home screen

Every time you log into wireless printing your home page will be the first thing you see.




PMP 9 home print button

Click the "PRINT" button in the top bar to open the print options window




PMP 9 file upload

Select the files you would like to upload to be printed and then click the "NEXT" button in the lower right



PMP 9 printer selection

Select the printer you would like to print to by clicking on the dropdown arrow




PMP 9 file ready to print
Click the "NEXT" button in the lower right of the screen to send the file to the selected printer





PMP 9 confirmation screen

The above confirmation will appear and ask if you are sure you want to print the document. If you are sure you want to print, click on the "PRINT NOW" button to release the job to the selected printer





 PMP 9 Successful print confirmation

You will receive this confirmation screen to let you know your job was released to the printer



You may now select another file to print and continue the process.


Printable PDF version of the wireless printing documentation