Remember Me for 7 Days

Save time when signing into Duquesne online services by telling Duo to remember you for a week. This feature is similar to "keep me logged in" and "remember this computer" features found on many popular websites.


  1. Once you are enrolled in Duo, sign into a Duquesne online service, such as DORI or email.
  2. Select the Remember me for 7 days checkbox on the Duo authentication prompt.
  3. Choose an authentication method to complete multi-factor authentication.

Image: Duo MFA Remember Me for 7 Days

"Remember Me" Feature is Browser-Based

Duo's "Remember me" feature is a setting that gets saved in your browser's cookies. If you select Remember me for 7 days and use the same computer and browser, you won't have to verify your login request with Duo MFA for a week. If you use a different browser or device to access a Duquesne online service, you will be required to verify your login request with Duo MFA.

Only use Duo's "Remember me" feature on devices you own. Never use this feature on public or shared devices.