Security Tools

Computing and Technology Services (CTS) offers a variety of tools to the campus community to help keep users safe online.

Authentication | Duo MFA | External Email Tags | Safe Links | Sophos Antivirus | Spirion

Authentication Services

Access to campus services may be protected using authentication services. Authentication is the process of comparing credentials provided (e.g., MultiPass username and password) with those on file for authorized individuals.

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Duo Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) adds an additional layer of security on your accounts by requiring two forms of verification before granting access to an account. CTS uses Duo Security tools to manage the second form of verification. Once you are enrolled in Duo, you will use a second device in addition to your password to sign in to MFA-enabled services.

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External Email Tags

External email tags will notify you when an email has been sent from someone outside of Duquesne University. This notification alerts you to potential risks of clicking on links or opening attachments in emails sent from an unrecognized sender.

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Safe Links evaluates all links in an external email message to determine if they point to safe or harmful content. All links in incoming messages with display modified URLs that begin with ""

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Sophos Antivirus

Sophos Home provides advanced, real-time protection from malware, ransomware, and hacking attempts. Employees and students can download Sophos Home on personally-owned computers and mobile devices for free!

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Spirion helps protect you and the university from identity theft. On university-managed computers, Spirion performs a weekly scan to find personally identifiable information (PII). If PII is found on a university-managed computer, you will be required to review the results and take action accordingly.

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