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Staying Secure with Email

Staying Secure with Email

CTS has taken steps to strengthen our cyber-security infrastructure and combat the influx of phishing messages, email spoofing, and malicious email that Duquesne University receives.

When email enters into our Office 365 email environment, it will be scanned. Any links contained within the message will have their URLs replaced (see image below) and will either be confirmed as safe or unsafe by our email protection rules.

  • If the link is unsafe: You will be warned not to visit the site or will be informed that the site has been blocked. This will help combat the dangers caused when cyber criminals duplicate our site in order to steal customers' credentials.
  • If the link is safe: You will be directed to the intended site.

An example of a link that has had its URL replaced:

In addition to having their links scanned, email messages coming into our Office 365 email environment will have their attachments scanned for viruses or malware. If the attachment is considered suspicious, it will be placed into a quarantine where it will be further analyzed.

If you were expecting an email and believe it may have been blocked, please contact the CTS Help Desk. The Help Desk can verify whether or not the quarantined messages poses a threat to our email environment and release it from the quarantine if it does not.