Dr. Life Mashumba

Scholar in Residence, Center for African Studies
Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA

Dr. Life Mashumba served under the Botswana Ministry of Education for over 21 years. His work experience within the public education system as an Educational Psychologist, Counsellor, a marriage officer, coordinator, as well as managing research in the Tonota College. He has fascinated the provision of training on research skills to ensure the attainment of quality research outputs such as research-led teaching and journal publication. As a national research coordinator for all Colleges in Botswana, one of the roles was to provide a forum for collaboration, partnership, and networking among stakeholders (private sector, policymakers, community, and regional and international research bodies). He also promotes research based on Indigenous knowledge. Botswana Qualification Authority has recognized Professor Life Mashumba as a trainer, moderator, assessor, expects in the field of his specialty.

Professor Life Mashumba has been honoured by his government numerous times to undertake diplomatic exchange scholarship including Cultural exchange scholarship in Sweden in 2005, and another postdoctoral Distinguished research scholar at Tsinghua University, Beijing in 2012 to 2013. Professor Life Mashumba has done a lot in promoting the welfare of those living in dire circumstances in the society including establishing an Orphan care program and school for the orphans in Botswana. He continues to fight injustice in the form of helping the poor and the underprivileged through education and giving to the children in whichever way possible. He has established a training institute that aims at empowering, training workers on issues of Trauma, Depression, and Stress in the workplace. He offered short courses relating to emotional Intelligence and Performance management for various companies and institutions. He has trained a number of companies and universities on survival skills and soft skills needed to overcome work challenges.

At this Juncture in time Professor Life Mashumba has co-authored a book Chapter on the Examining African Traditional Health Care: The Role of Indigenous Healers and Community Health Workers in Helping to Address Mental Illness in Sub -Saharan Africa. Recently he has been presenting the book Chapter to Duquesne staff Members, He is also investigation Loneliness on Academically disadvantaged children in Botswana Colleges with the aim of recommending Protective factors to Policymakers in Botswana. Finally, at this Juncture in time Professor Life Mashumba is Scholar-In-Residence hosted by the Center of Africa studies at Duquesne University.