Previous Winning Research Projects

Noah Dimas, McAnulty Colg-Grad Schl Arts
Catholic Terminal Sedation: A New Framework for Providing Terminal Palliative Sedation as a Requirement in Catholic Healthcare Organizations

Stephanie Walrath, Public History
Decolonizing National Parks: A Conversation about Repatriation and Shared Authority

Amanda Seim, Department of History
Working Towards Inclusive Cities: Using Public History to Combat Gentrification In East Liberty

Clement Kanu, Department of Theology
Christianity, Islam, and African Traditional Religion: A Christology of Mature Differentiation for Inter-religious Trialogue in the Nigerian Context

Joseph Smith, Department of Theology
The Story of a Schism: 500 Years of Reformation and Repair

Zachary Dehm, Department of Theology
Can Socially Responsible Investment Create a Preferential Option for the Poor?

Clement Kanu, Department of Theology
Embodied Narrative and the Formation of Virtue: Communitarian-Anamnetic Framework in Traditional African Ethic

Joseph Smith, Department of Theology
Resourcement Theology and the Supernatural Debate: Toward a Christological Ontology

Oleksandr Dubov, Center for Healthcare Ethics
Religious Coping in the ICU

Benjamin Burkholder, Department of Theology
Misquoting Jesus?: John 1:18 as a Test Case