Nov 20, 2020    Preliminary proposals due
Dec 18, 2020    Applications due- view grant application guidelines
Feb   1, 2021    Awards announced
June 1, 2022    Report of project outcomes due

Inquiries may be directed to Dr. Kathleen Glenister Roberts .


The Paluse Faculty Research Grant is an important university-wide internal funding opportunity intended to support scholarly research that reflects the mission and identity of Duquesne University. The grants are open to full-time faculty working in any academic discipline. They are intended to lead, at minimum, to publication in a reputable peer-reviewed journal. Paluse Faculty Research Grants can be used to support a portion of a multi-phase research project, provided the project funded by the Paluse grant is clearly defined and the proposal makes a strong case for the likelihood of future external funding and publication. Grant awards are for $6,000. 


The Paluse research grant competition is open to all full-time Duquesne faculty with continuing full-time faculty appointments.  Faculty are encouraged to pursue collaborative and cross-disciplinary research projects and to submit them for Paluse funding.  Paluse Grant recipients may teach no more than one summer course for supplementary pay during the summer they hold the grant.

Previous winners of Paluse Faculty Research Grants are welcome to apply. Their proposals must demonstrate research outcomes from previous grants, and their applications must show that the current proposal focuses on a new research project. Preference will be given to applicants who have not received a Paluse Faculty Research Grant in the last two years.