Social Security Numbers

Anyone who has obtained employment must obtain a Social Security Number: This is a nine-digit number that is issued by the U.S. government to its citizens and residents upon application used to track employment and taxes. Anyone who has secured employment must obtain a social security number.

Consult the Center for Global Engagement for details on obtaining a Social Security Number. Consult these websites for additional information:

Obtaining a Driver's License

Many international students choose to drive while at Duquesne. International licenses are honored in the states but there are certain laws regarding these licenses. It is highly recommended that you apply for a Pennsylvania driver's license. You can check out the PA Department of Motor Vehicles website for information. There are many DMV offices around the Pittsburgh area. The closest to campus is: 708 Smithfield Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Pennsylvania ID Cards

Students can get a PA ID Card which is an excellent form of indentification. These cards can also be obtained at the Department of Motor Vehicles office.