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Orientation Materials

Spring 2015 Adjunct Orientation

Materials for this orientation will be provided on our external website, which will be activated on December 17, 2014.  Any questions may be directed to cte@duq.edu.

Fall 2014 Adjunct Orientation

Each of the following PowerPoints were displayed and discussed at this year's Adjunct Orientation.  If there are outstanding questions, please do not hesitate to contact CTE.

  1. Designing Your Courses and Syllabus [PPT]
  2. Active Learning Session - Available in Consultation with CTE Staff
  3. Documenting Your Teaching and Student Evaluations [PPT]
  4. Giving Feedback on Learning & Grading Fairly [PPT]
  5. First Day of Class [Prezi]
  6. Resource & Policy, Fall 2014 [PPT]
Adjunct Documents
  1. Cookie Rubric [L. Willingham-McLain, Director, Center for Teaching Excellence], derived from Elizabeth Wikfors Hall and Susan J. Salmon, "Chocolate Chip Cookies and Rubrics: Helping Students Understand Rubrics in Inclusive Settings," TEACHING Exceptional Children, vol. 35, no. 4 (2003): 8-11.
  2. Duquesne Semester Calendar: Fall 2014

Documents relating to syllabus and course design are available below.

Fall 2014 McAnulty TA Orientation Materials

In CTE's effort to continually assist TAs as teacher-scholars, a few of the Power Point presentations, worksheets, and other relevant information can be found here.

  1. Welcome, Policies, and Procedure [PPT]
  2. Engaging Students With Active Learning [PPT]
  3. Documenting Your Teaching [PPT]
  4. Grading Failry & Preventing Plagiarism [PPT]
  5. First Day - Prezi Presentation

Course and Syllabus Design: Adjuncts and TAs

Information regarding the design and development of effective syllabi can be found below.  Keep this in mind as you either design or re-tool your syllabus for Spring 2015:

  1. Handout: Fink's Taxonomy
  2. Handout: Bloom's Taxonomy
  3. Web Link: Idea Center and Web Link: "Integrated Course Design," by l. Dee Fink [A useful, support site for course development]
  4. A CTE Prepared Guide for Developing Your Syllabus [PDF]
  5. Article: from The Chronicle - Creative and Detailed Syllabus design
  6. A Quick Checklist for Your Final Syllabus Revision [PDF]