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Micro-workshops with big connections to student learning

Our fall 2018 Micro-workshops engage with Sarah Rose Cavanagh's book, The Spark of Learning: Energizing the College Classroom with the Science of Emotion. Cavanaugh highlights ways in which "neuroscience research indicates that the brain systems involved in emotion and those involved in cognition are not, as traditional accounts would have had us believe, separate systems pulling us in opposite directions. Rather [...], overlapping circuits are responsible for both" (3).

These workshops are part of CTE's SCALE initiative. Learn more. 

Additionally, the sessions connect to Duquesne University's Strategic Plan by highlighting aspects of the imperatives below. 

Imperative 1's "focus on the development and well-being of the whole student - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual"

Imperative 4's  plan to "refocus support for teaching excellence and pedagogical originality by tapping into advances in learning science to create transformative opportunities for students"

The same workshop will be held on both Wednesday and Thursday in Fisher 727 on the dates below. Faculty and graduate students are encouraged to attend on either day. Enjoy a light lunch provided by CTE and spend time with colleagues starting at noon. The workshops begin at 12:20 and end at 12:50. Please register in advance to assist CTE in planning.

Each session described below aligns with part two of Cavanagh's book, which highlights "Affective Science in Action."

Be the Spark

Wednesday, 9/19 andThursday 9/20
Facilitated by Erin Rentschler

This session emphasizes the importance of first and lasting impressions with a focus on how instructors' emotions impact student learning.

Burning to Master

Wednesday, 9/26 and Thursday 9/27
Facilitated by Laurel Willingham-McLain

This session highlights ways to mobilize student effort through learning experiences designed to pique students' curiosity and maintain their interest.

Fueling the Fire

Wednesday, 10/3 and Thursday 10/4
Facilitated by Steve Hansen

This session will engage ways to prolong student persistence by designing assignments and activities that cultivate students' sense of value and ownership to promote motivation and decrease procrastination.

PAST Micro-workshops - this document provides information about previous micro-workshops.