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Maximize FlexTech Space for Teaching Through Visual Learning

  • 11:00 AM to 12:15 PM
  • 442 Fisher Hall

Facilitators: Jan Janecka (Biology), Kristin Klusevcek (English), Fran Serenka (Education), Lauren Turin (Classroom Technologies)

"Vision trumps all other senses," says Medina in Brain Rules. Duquesne's FlexTech classrooms provide many ways to teach students through visual learning. In this workshop, faculty colleagues will briefly demonstrate ways in which they harness FlexTech tools for teaching through graphics. They will demonstrate teaching students to create the following: knowledge or concept maps, charts, graphs, and virtual posters.We will also demonstrate the webcams in 442 Fisher as a tool for real-time video capture and sharing of student work.

Co-sponsored by the Office of Classroom Technologies

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