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Spiritan Pedagogy in Practice: Academic Excellence through Solidarity with the Poor

  • 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM
  • Fisher 324

Facilitators: Anne Marie Hansen (Occupational Therapy), Steve Hansen (CTE), and Maureen O'Brien (Theology)

The Spiritan founders of the university were committed to working in solidarity with the poor and marginalized and providing an education that is academically excellent. While founded to educate disadvantaged immigrants in Pittsburgh, Duquesne has become financially beyond the means of the poor. How can faculty reconnect with the Spiritan commitment to solidarity with the poor? In this workshop, faculty will consider three ways that their teaching might reflect a commitment to the economically marginalized: 1) addressing systemic issues of poverty from a disciplinary perspective, 2) enhancing student empathy and advocacy with the poor, and 3) teaching that directly interacts with the poor and marginalized. The workshop facilitators are conducting research of Spiritan educators internationally, in which these educators wrestle with the contemporary dilemmas in fulfilling such priorities. Drawing on their insights, facilitators will lead participants in considering ways that academic excellence recalls us to a commitment to working in solidarity with the poor.

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