Bringing Together Researchers Sharing an interest in energy and its impact on global and local communities and the environment.
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Institute for Energy and Environment

Upcoming Event

Pennsylvania Clean Jobs Forum

Sponsored by the Center for Green Industries and E2.

Wednesday, July 20 at Duquesne University.

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Cultivating a discussion of local, national and global interests and research in energy and environmental issues, from the perspectives of:


Energy-or lack of it-will produce some of the largest consequences imaginable around the world. The institute at Duquesne will provide a needed source of serious research, fair and impartial discussions and substantive policy recommendations and advisories. -- Dr. Kent Moors

Institute Leaders

Dr. Alan W. Seadler, Associate Academic Vice-President for Research, will lead the efforts to organize and fund the institute.

Dr. Michael Irwin, Chair and Associate Professor, Sociology Department, specializing in research in spatial processes, urban and community studies, demography and social ecology.

Dr. Mary McKinney, Duquesne Small Business Development Center, Director

Dr. Jim Phillips, Senior Director Sponsored Research

Duquesne Faculty Associates

Dr. John F. Stolz, Director, Center for Environmental Research and Education; Professor, Environmental Microbiology

Dr. Clifford Bob, Associate Professor, Political Science Department in the McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts.

Dr. Risa Kumazawa, Assistant Professor of Economics, Palumbo Donahue School of Business

Dr. Robert Sroufe, Associate Professor of Business Administration, MBA+Sustainability program, Palumbo Donahue School of Business

Associates From Other Institutions

Dr. David L. Passmore, Professor of Education in the Workforce Education and Development academic program, Department of Learning and Performance Systems, College of Education, Penn State University.

Dr. Randall W. Jackson, Director, Regional Research Institute; Professor, Geology & Geography Department, West Virginia University

Interdisciplinary Structure

Duquesne University of the Holy Spirit established the Institute for Energy and the Environment in March, 2011. It involves researchers from Duquesne's McAnulty College, School of Law, John F. Donahue School of Business, and the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, as well as experts - both scholarly and otherwise - drawn from outside Duquesne University itself. The collaborative approach, conducted in a think-tank-style setting, will provide the means by which to launch broad collaborations for researching energy and environmental issues, as well as establish an intellectual space to promote constructive dialogue in the search for real solutions to current and future problems.