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The Spiritual Letters of Venerable Francis Libermann

Fr. Francis Libermann, second founder of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit (The Spiritans) was a renowned Spiritual Director of his time and bequeathed a rich spiritual resource in correspondence to a variety of people who sought his advice, consolation and encouragement.
Fr. Walter van der Putte, C.S.Sp., and Fr. James Collery, C.S.Sp., translated four hundred and forty-one of these letters into English for publication in the Duquesne Studies, Spiritan Series (1962 - 1966). They are available online in the Spiritan Collection http://digital.library.duq.edu/cdm-spiritan/ and presented here according to those who first received them.
Begin reading with Louise des Loges, one of five girls who heard God's call to serve in the new apostolate to the much-neglected peoples of the French colonies and along the West Coast of Africa. She consulted Fr. Tisserant, a member of Fr. Libermann's Holy Heart of Mary Congregation, about her missionary vocation. Following Fr. Libermann's advice Louise entered the Institute of the Immaculate Conception of Castres, a Society dedicated to the new mission outreach. She took the name of Sister Aurelia.

Libermann encourages Louise to open her heart to the Lord in perfect freedom and peace. She is not to rely on her own efforts, which lead nowhere. Rather, she is to "cling to Jesus," the "bridegroom of her soul" in the confidence that he provides "sweetness, love, and peace" for those who desire to serve him.

Read the nine letters Fr. Libermann wrote to her between 1842 and 1844 offering her encouragement to follow the call she had experienced. Her weaknesses do not prevent her from sharing in God's love. Rather "true self-knowledge brings with it an increase of love for God." In the power of God's love Louise will "leap over" all the obstacles holding her back from following the "impulses of grace" and walking confidently in God's love.

Letters to Louise des Loges
In The Spiritual Letters of the Venerable Francis Libermann.
Volume One: Letters to Religious Sisters and Aspirants