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Report an Incident

If you, someone you know or a stranger is a survivor of sexual misconduct, it is important to have options available to get immediate help and to report an incident. Several confidential reporting options, both University and off-campus, are listed below. Non-confidential University support resources are also listed. To pick up a pocket sized list of these reporting options, visit the Title IX Office or anyone of the Deputy Title IX Coordinators for our BE SAFE cards. You can also print this pdf version of the BE SAFE card.

Confidential Reporting Options

University Resources
Health Services: 412.396.1650
Counseling Services: 412.396.6204
Spiritan Campus Ministry: 412.396.6020
Psychology Clinic: 412.396.6562

Off-Campus Resources
These agencies offer crisis intervention, individual support, group counseling and legal advocacy.
Resolve Crisis Network: 1.888.7.YOUCAN (1.888.796.8226) Available 24/7
Pittsburgh Action Against Rape (PAAR): 1.866.END.RAPE (363.7273) - Available 24/7
Center for Victims of Violence and Crime (CVVC): 1.866.644.2882 - Available 24/7

Non-Confidential Reporting Options

A Responsible Employee is considered to be any employee at the University who is not listed as a Confidential Reporting Option. Responsible Employees are required to report knowledge of, or suspicion of, sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator. They are also required to report identifying information of the alleged perpetrator, the survivor, witnesses, and the date, time and location of the incident, if known.

Residence Life 412.396.5888 - Available 24/7
DU Cares 412.396.5834 - Business hours 
Duquesne University Police (non-emergency line) 412.396.6002 - Available 24/7

One role of the Title IX Office is to also serve as a non-confidential reporting option for students. The Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Title IX Coordinators are available to recieve these reports and help students understand University policies and our process around Title IX (TAP 31). Please see the contact information below.

Title IX Coordinator
Lee Robbins  Lee K. Robbins 412.396.2560 - Business Hours 

Deputy Title IX Coordinators
Athletics   Sherene Brantley (Athletics) 412.396.5243 - Business Hours
Human Resources    Ryan Dawson (Human Resources) 412.396.5881 - Business Hours
Diversity and Inclusion    Jeff Mallory (Diversity and Inclusion) 412.396.1117 - Business Hours
Student Conduct    Annie Mullarkey Sawa (Student Conduct) 412.396.6642 - Business Hours