What Sexual Misconduct Looks Like

What to do if you Experience Non-Violent Sexual Misconduct

Most people will stop inappropriate behavior when it's called to their attention, so act swiftly. If you feel that you are the target of sexual harassment, and feel comfortable confronting the aggressor, tell him/her to stop because the behavior is offensive. Depending on the offensive behavior, say things like:

  • "That is offensive. Please stop."
  • "Staring at me makes me uncomfortable. Please don't do it again."
  • "Please call me by my name, not "Babe.'"

Keep Accurate Records of the Incidents:

  • What happened?
  • Where?
  • When?
  • Who witnessed the incident?

Examples of Sexual Misconduct

  • Making implied or overt threats unless sexual favors are granted
  • Making suggestive or insulting sounds
  • Making jokes, teasing or spreading rumors
  • Commenting on sexual orientation
  • Remarking about clothing, body, sexual activities, etc.
  • Leaving sexually explicit telephone messages
  • Using foul or hostile language
  • Leering or ogling an individual
  • Making obscene gestures toward an individual
  • Leaving messages in graffiti, in emails or handwritten
  • Posting pornographic images in view of an individual
  • Texting sexual images or messages
  • Posting sexual messages or images on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media
  • Stalking an individual by following in person or electronically
  • Touching an individual inappropriately - patting, pinching, etc.
  • Back rubs, hand holding
  • Brushing against an individual's body
  • Kissing or hugging an individual when the individual does not want to be kissed or hugged
  • Cornering an individual