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Founders Week 2019: Companions on the Journey

founders week 2019

Our theme this year is Companions on the Journey. Walking with one another is a concept that is deeply rooted in the Spiritan tradition. "Whatever may be the work we are engaged in...we aim to bear witness to a kingdom of justice and peace, by living together in community, in genuine charity, in mutual forbearance, pardoning, sharing, ever hospitable, and free from prejudice" (Spiritan Rule of Life, #24). We are called by our Catholic Spiritan Heritage to walk not as individuals, but as a community rooted in love, patience, and trust. We are called to support those around us, to have the humility to receive support when we are struggling, to always be open to where the path takes us. We are called to be companions to one another on the journey.

"We go to a people not primarily to accomplish a task, but rather to be with them, live with them, walk beside them, listen to them and share our faith with them. At the heart of our relationship is trust, respect, and love."
-Spiritan General Chapter 1998 (Maynooth)

"Friendship is to forget oneself for the happiness of another person. It is a rare and divine gift - the most perfect of human virtues, by sharing joys, we increase their delight, by sharing sorrows we soften their bitterness." - Daniel Brottier, C.S.Sp.

Monday, January 28th

Thank a Companion!

2nd floor Student Union, 10am - 1pm
- Stop by and fill out a specially designed Thank You note for a companion on your DU journey! You are welcome to take it with you to hand deliver it, or leave it with us to be put in campus mail.

Dedication of Art Installation

3pm, Student Union
- Please join us as we dedicate a new piece of art by Teri Canelle, commissioned especially for Founders Week. The piece will hang in the Student Union and is reflective of our uniquely Catholic Spiritan heritage. A small reception will take place afterwards in the Office of Freshmen Development.
- RSVP is required

Connected through Music: How Music Unites us Across the World

7:30pm, Room 322 Music School
- Spend the evening enjoying a concert of music from around the world that highlights how music acts to unite us across cultures. Our music school faculty and students will also share stories about how music has brought them together with others in their own lives.
- RSVP is encouraged

Tuesday January 29th

Bulletin Board Judging

11am, Residence Halls
- Bulletin Boards will be decorated in the lobby of each residence hall to reflect the theme of Founders Week 2019.

Founders Week Lunch

Noon, Africa Room
- Annie Mullarkey Sawa, Director of Student Conduct, will reflect on the theme for the week in regards to her work over the years with students as well as her on own journey from an undergraduate on our campus through her 20+ years as an employee.
- RSVP Required

Evening of Flights

4:30pm-6:30pm, Africa Room
- Join us as we hear from Spiritans about their flights around the globe while enjoying a Beer Flight and hors d'ouevrs! Tickets are $25 per person. Proceeds from this event will benefit the Spiritan Missions in Ethiopia. Fr. Vince Stegman will be sharing briefly on the work of the missions there.
- RSVP and ticket purchase required

Wednesday January 30th

Commuters as Companions

- Mission and Identity will be adding a hot chocolate bar and cookies to the weekly Commuter PB&J lunch. In addition, commuters will have a chance to write what it means to be a companion as a part of a display in the Commuter Center.
- Event for Commuters Only

Conversations with Companions: Sacred Conversations on Race Series

7pm, Africa Room
- True companionship requires authentic conversations, even when those conversations can be challenging. We invite our undergraduate students to join for Sacred Conversations on Race. The titel "Sacred Conversations" refers to the idea that all authentic conversations we have about ourselves are by their nature sacred. Refreshments will be provided
- Event for Undergraduate Students Only
- RSVP encouraged

Interview with a Spiritan

9pm, Towers Multipurpose Room
- In the 2019 installment of this annual event, Fr. Ray French will be interviewing Fr. George Spangenberg on his journey as a Spiritan including his time in the Navy, his time on campus, and many stops in between!
- RSVP is encouraged

Thursday January 31st

Interview with a Spiritan - Lunch Edition

Noon Africa Room
- Please join us for lunch as we learn a bit more about one of our Spiritans on campus! In a lunchtime edition of an annual evening classic for Founders Week, Adam Wasilko, Director of Freshmen Development and Disability Services will be interviewing Fr. Jim McCloskey, Senior Advisor to the President, on his time on the bluff in several iterations, and his journeys abroad. Lunch included.
- RSVP is required

Companions on the Bluff

7pm, Towers Multipurpose Room
- We will be doing some crafting while discovering why being companions to one another is so deeply rooted in our Spiritan heritage and mission. Space is limited!
- RSVP is required, For undergraduates only

Friday February 1st

Feast on Feast Days Give Away

1pm, Student Union 2nd floor Atrium
- Stop by for a FREE walking taco as we have an early celebration of the Feast of Francis Libermann, co-founder of the Spiritans!


4:30pm, Trinity Hall
- All are invited to attend this traditional prayer followed by a reception hosted by the Spiritans.
- RSVP Required