Celebrate Our Seniors 2020

Mission and Identity in collaboration with the Center for Student Involvement reached out to student organizations and asked them to honor the seniors in their organizations by sending in photos along with names, majors, and well wishes. Over 100 students were submitted! They profiles ran on social media during Virtual Senior Week 2020. We have posted them here as well in case you want to see some of our amazing graduates!

  Adrienne Nicole Vance       Amy Schmitt 

  Ashleigh Mortimer              Brianna Joyner 

  Cameron Chiani                 Dan Smolsky

  Emily Fay Simon                Joe'l Kane

  Kamryn Geesaman            Karandeep Chera

  Kate DeCastro                   Kimberly Disla-Castro

  Laura Mudrick                    Lilly Shupe

  Rebecca D'Amico              Ryan Thomas

  Sara Brenner                    Stephanie Franciscus

  Steven Folwell                  Taylor Martin