Strategic Imperative 4
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Strategic Imperative 4: Duquesne will create a vibrant campus community that fosters the achievements of its talented faculty, students and staff

When it was founded, Duquesne relied heavily on a small number of dedicated Spiritan priests to deliver "the Duquesne education." Today, the complexity of a modern research university demands an increasingly diverse and talented workforce and resources.

To achieve this end, Duquesne will:

  • recruit, hire and retain a talented, diverse, productive and dedicated community of teachers and staff to enrich and energize the entire campus;

  • cultivate a pervasive campus culture of diversity and inclusion in recruitment, hiring and programming across campus, supported by a robust Diversity and Inclusion Council;

  • refocus support for teaching excellence and pedagogical originality by tapping into advances in learning science to create transformative opportunities for students;

  • redefine the Office of Research to creatively support research and scholarly initiatives that attract a wide array of current and future funding opportunities;

  • make available to faculty and staff ample and fulfilling opportunities for personal and professional growth; and

  • create a new Staff Advisory Council charged with providing input to the administration on matters of importance to all non-faculty employees.

Duquesne will encourage an entrepreneurial spirit that will allow it to creatively steward University assets, adapt to changing environments and enhance its financial vitality to fulfill its mission for a new era.