Strategic Imperative 3
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Strategic Imperative 3: Duquesne's academic programs will transcend traditional boundaries, positioning it as a leader in interdisciplinary and interprofessional programs

Our University grew in 1911 when it established its first professional school in law. Other new schools followed: Business, Pharmacy, Nursing, Education, Music and the Health Sciences. Yet higher education today must resist the notion of rigid silos. The most exciting and creative work on campus often occurs when scholars collaborate across traditional academic boundaries. Moreover, employers increasingly seek to recruit students who are comfortable and nimble working on interdisciplinary teams.

Recognizing the importance of these trends, therefore, Duquesne will:

  • create an innovative center for interprofessional education in health-related fields, leveraging the assets of pharmacy, nursing, health sciences, healthcare ethics, biomedical engineering, the basic sciences, forensics and other existing academic programs;

  • expand existing health sciences programs and add new specialties to satisfy the national and international demand for such services;

  • explore building a path breaking "DU Simulation Hospital" comprising interprofessional simulation labs, clinics and research labs that will allow faculty, students and healthcare professionals to work together in a dynamic educational environment;

  • explore developing interdisciplinary programs in other cutting-edge areas, including information technology, informatics, data analytics, sustainability and other areas in which demand and need have grown;

  • explore creating a "Center for Artificial Intelligence, Technology and Ethics" to build upon Duquesne's historical strengths and address a critical need in this region;

  • create other interdisciplinary programs across traditional academic boundaries linking various schools and disciplines, for example by devising new ways of delivering instruction in foreign language skills to equip students for global opportunities.

Duquesne will create a vibrant campus community that fosters the achievements of its talented faculty, students and staff.