Strategic Imperative 2
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Strategic Imperative 2: Duquesne will become the region's flagship institution for community engagement through mutually beneficial partnerships that advance the city, the region and the world

Throughout its history, our University has contributed to the dramatic development of the city, the region, the nation, the Catholic Diocese that serves as its home, and its partners around the globe. The challenges that confront communities today - locally, nationally and internationally - make Duquesne an invaluable partner.

In the role of a servant leader, therefore, Duquesne will:

  • refashion and broaden its community engagement initiatives to develop authentic, mutually beneficial alliances with governmental, faith-based and community organizations, focusing in particular on those in the Hill District, Uptown, the Mon Valley and other underserved areas;

  • enhance the University's community engagement initiatives so as to promote civic awareness among students, faculty and staff and support the work that results;

  • play a central role in the development and sustainability of the Uptown Eco-Innovation District along the Forbes and Fifth Avenue corridors adjoining the Duquesne campus;

  • collaborate with the Diocese of Pittsburgh and other dioceses to assist in the development of their lay associates and clergy as these dioceses reconfigure themselves for the 21st century;

  • develop creative programs for students in diocesan and public schools, including in underserved areas, through a new "Duquesne Prep" initiative as well as educational programming for senior citizens in the community;

  • expand global engagement by solidifying rich existing relationships in Africa while also exploring new connections in areas of the world where Spiritans are already present or their Mission needed;

  • expose students to languages, cultures and religions that differ from their own in order to encourage them to respond to the needs of others; and

  • ensure that all students have an opportunity for an international and/or intercultural experience during their time at Duquesne.

Duquesne's academic programs will transcend traditional boundaries, positioning it as a leader in interdisciplinary and interprofessional programs.