Class of 2019

The first year in the Gussin Spiritan Divison begins with a concentrated five-week summer semester.

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Gussin Spiritan Division

An Invitational Freshman Year Course of University Studies

The Division enrolls students who:

  • Are selected from applicants for admission to Duquesne.

  • Have high school academic achievements that indicate the potential for college success.

  • Have credentials similar to recent graduates of the University.

  • Are willing to work with the Division to assure academic and personal success.

  • Are academically competitive with other Duquesne freshmen.


The mission of the Robert and Patricia Gussin Spiritan Division of Academic Programs is teaching, caring, and building futures through a community of excellence. The Division uses intellectual potential as the overriding criterion for University admission and makes available to students a comprehensive network of programs and services to help them develop the academic and social skills required in higher education to be successful learners within their chosen programs of study.

Goals and Objectives


• To provide a holistic approach to learning by addressing both the affective and cognitive needs of division students.

• To offer undergraduates individualized and personalized programs and services in advising, counseling, tutoring and other instructional activities that promote successful completion of courses, skill development and eventual declaration of majors in various degree programs within schools of the University.

• To provide scholarly and cultural knowledge and to affect successful transitions of first-year students into the life of the University.


• To identify students' strengths and weaknesses in order to design individual programs that enable them to realize their full potential as members of the academic community.

• To enhance the academic skills development and self-confidence of students.

• To lend support to the academic achievement of students.

• To stress the value of academic excellence to all students.

• To assist students in their total intellectual and professional development.

• To stress students' self-responsibility in completing their undergraduate education.

• To assist students with identification of a major and selection of courses that allow them to complete their degree requirements.

• To encourage a love of learning so as to promote the philosophy of life-long education.