University Core Courses (21 credit hours)
English Composition (6 credits total)
UCOR 101 Thinking and Writing Across the Curriculum (3 cr.)
UCOR 102 Imaginative Literature and Critical Writing (3 cr.)
Theology (3 credits)
UCOR 141 Biblical and Historical Perspectives (This is the GSD core requirement).
Philosophy (3 credits)
UCOR 132 Basic Philosophical Questions
Theme Area Courses (3 credits each)
Students must see their Academic Advisor for a full listing of Theme Area courses and choose one from each area.
The Theme Areas are:
Creative Arts
*Faith and Reason
*Global Diversity
Social Justice
*Theme Area requirements in Faith and Reason and Global Diversity are already satisfied within the GSD curriculum. 


In addition to the University first-semester core English course, Thinking and Writing across the Curriculum, the Summer Semester curriculum includes three one-credit courses-Strategies for Academic Success, Introduction to University success, and Research and Information Skills. These courses orient students to the college experience at Duquesne, introduce new students to computing at the University and the effective use of technology to support course work, focus on developing critical reading and thinking skills, and explore such topics as individual learning styles and motivation. 

The Gussin Spiritan Division student should have completed at least 34 credits by the end of the freshman year, including:
  • A mandatory five-week summer semester

  • A selection of courses from the University Core Curriculum, i.e., courses that all Duquesne students must complete.

  • Division curriculum requirements, i.e., courses that the Division student must complete before transferring to the College or one of the schools.

Field Experience

The Division curriculum includes a field experience course that satisfies the University service learning requirement and brings Division students face to face with local elementary, middle, and high school youngsters.