Social and cultural activities encourage community among cohort students.

Summer Semester Experience

The first year in the Gussin Spiritan Divison begins with a mandatory 5-week summer semester running from late June until the end of July. The semester includes these study components:

  • University core and Division required courses of three credits in core English 101 (Thinking and Writing Across the Curriculum) and three one-credit courses: 
  • Research and Information Skills, from the University core.
  • Strategies for Academic Success, a Division core focusing on study skills for college.
  • Introduction to University Success, another Division required course.

During the summer semester students experience:

  • Tuition discounts.
  • Non-credit classes that support credit course work.
  • Abilities and interests testing to determine strengths, learning style, career choice, etc.
  • Social and cultural activities to encourage community among cohort students.

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