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Pre-Law Program

The University Pre-Law Program is open to all students for advising about law schools and legal careers.  Students interested in studying law are encouraged to meet with the Pre-Law Program Director, based in the Political Science Department. The Pre-Law Director counsels students regarding career goals, courses of study, registration for the LSAT, law school choices, and much more.  The Director maintains a small collection of books about law school and law careers for student use.

Undergraduates interested in law school may pursue any major and may apply for the 3-3 Early Admissions Law program with Duquesne Law School.  The Philosophy Department features the Philosophy and Law Connection.  The Political Science Department includes a Minor in Law & Politics available to majors in any field and a Concentration in Law & Politics for political science majors and double majors.

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For more information, contact:

Dr. Kristen Coopie
Director of Pre-Law
Teaching Assistant Professor of Political Science

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