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Why enroll in the Undergraduate Pre-Medical and Health Professions Certificate Program?

Proven Success!!! Our dedicated team will help you to prepare for acceptance into medical, dental, or other health care professional school. This preparation will not only take good grades and high entrance examination scores, but also passion, dedication, and solid, long-range planning. At Duquesne, this preparation can start as early as your freshman year by enrolling in our undergraduate Pre-Medical and Health Professions Program (UG-PMHPP). We are here to help you every step of the way from your first introduction to pre-requisite coursework through the application and interview process. Our PMHPP overall medical, dental and professional school acceptance rates are exceptional:

  • 2x the national acceptance rate for medical school,
  • Significantly higher than national rates for veterinary, optometry, physician assistant, podiatry, and nursing programs; and
  • Consistently above national rates for acceptance into dental school.  

Who We Are

The UG-PMHPP is not an academic major or degree program, but rather a multi-track post-secondary certificate program, pursued at the same time as your academic major program. We will provide you with

  • Assistance with your medical, dental, or other professional school application processes, 
  • Individualized advisement and guidance, and
  • Unique specialized coursework designed specifically to prepare you to pursue advanced medical, dental or other health professional education.

As a PMHPP student, you'll benefit from our ongoing direction and support that is coordinated with your academic major advisor. We'll help you evaluate your professional goals, develop the skills and competencies you'll need, and require you to engage in unique and clinically relevant coursework, as well as research and volunteer opportunities that will help you stand out from the competition.

For those students who are not enrolled in the UG-PMHPP, but who wish to apply to medical or health professional school, please click on this informational guide that may help to answer some of your questions about the application process.