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Online Courses

Get ahead in meeting your requirements for the University Core while you're home for the summer! All of these Core courses are offered in an eight (8) week, online format, beginning May 14 and ending August 3. Earn credits without disrupting your work and vacation schedule. The accelerated course schedule allows you to still enjoy time off before the fall semester begins! Core courses are also offered on-campus. See the catalog for the complete schedule.

If you are a current Duquesne student, please contact your advisor. If you are a student attending another university, please following the directions for a Visiting Student.

Core Requirement
UCOR 101 Thinking & Writing Across the Curriculum English Composition
UCOR 102 Imaginative Literature & Critical Writing English Composition
UCORE 111 Problem Solving with Creative Math Mathematics
MATH 125 Fundamentals of Statistics Mathematics
UCOR 121 Core Biology Natural Science
UCOR 132 Basic Philosophical Questions Philosophy
UCOR 142 Theological Views of Person Theology
UCOR 143 Global & Cultural Perspectives Theology
UCOR 151 Philosophical Ethics Ethics
UCOR 152 Theological Ethics Ethics
UCOR 253 Healthcare Ethics Ethics
UCOR 254 Healthcare Ethics: Philosophy Ethics
THEO 207 Believing, Thinking, Feeling, & Choosing Faith and Reason
ARHY 100 Understanding Art Creative Arts
ENGL 101 Multi-Genre Creative Writing Creative Arts
MUNM 170 Enjoyment of Music Creative Arts
HIST 151 Shaping of the Modern World Global Diversity
HIST 174 Sacred Places Global Diversity
COMM 114 Exploring Intercultural Communication Global Diversity
MGMT 262 Global Insights Global Diversity
SOCI 101 Survey of Sociology Social Justice
COMM 103 Exploring Interpersonal Communication Social Justice