Program Committee Members

Fall 2014

McAnulty College of Liberal Arts Dr. Pat Dunham (Social Sciences)
Dr. Gerald Boodoo (Humanities)
Ms. Lorraine Sauchin (Mathematics)
ex officio Dean James Swindal
ex officio Dr. Greg Barnhisel (Freshman Writing)
Bayer School of Natural & Environmentsl Sciences Dr. Bruce Beaver
School of Business Administration Dr. Ron Surmacz
School of Education Dr. Connie Moss
ex officio Dean Olga Welch
School of Health Sciences Dr. Meghan Blaskowitz
School of Music Dr. Jessica Wiskus
School of Nursing Dr. Khlood Salman
School of Pharmacy Dr. Chris O'Neil
Gumberg Library Diana Sasso
Faculty Senate Dr. Madeline Archer (McAnulty College)
Center for Teaching Excellence (as needed re. faculty support, etc.) ex officio Dr. Laurel Willingham-McLain
Office of Service Learning (as needed re SL courses) ex officio Lina Dostilio
Academic Advisors (as needed) ex officio Karen Bova (School of Nursing)
ex officio Sarah Durney (McAnulty College)
Director of University Core Curriculum non-voting Dr. Darlene Weaver

Committee Composition:

Two Deans (ex officio) – McAnulty College of Liberal Arts and School of Education;

Four Representatives from the College: One Humanities, one Mathematics, one Social Sciences and First Year Writing (ex-officio);

Six Representatives from each baccalaureate granting school (in addition to McAnulty) and Gumberg Library faculty; (The Law School is ineligible.)

One Representative from the Faculty Senate (who may also be a representative from the College, one of the professional schools, or Gumberg Library).

One Representative from the Center for Teaching Excellence – Laurel Willingham-McLain, who will be called upon as a consultant, as needed (ex-officio).

One Representative from the Service Learning Advisory Committee (who may also be a representative from the College or one of the professional schools) or Lina Dostilio; this person will be a consultant re SL courses, when needed (ex-officio).

Two Academic Advisors, representing advisors for undergraduate programs (ex-officio).

Chair of the Committee: Director of the University Core Curriculum (non-voting)