Jeffrey McCurry

Director, Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center and Affiliated Faculty, Department of Philosophy
McAnulty School of Liberal Arts
Philosophy Department

Simon Silverman Center, 1st Floor, Gumberg Library
Phone: 412.396.4999


Ph.D., Religious Studies, Duke University
M.T.S., Philosophy and Religion, Duke University, 2001
B.A., Philosophy and Honors Program in the Humanities, Johns Hopkins University, 1999
Basic Philosophical Questions

Review of A Catholic Modernity: Charles Taylor's Marianist Award Lecture with Responses, ed. James Heft in Modern Theology 18:3 (July 2002)

Review of The Spiritual Dimension: Religion, Philosophy, and Human Value by John Cottingham in Modern Theology 24:2, March 2008

Review of Education's End: How Colleges and Universities Have Given Up on the Meaning of Life by Anthony Kronman in Teaching Religion and Theology 11:3 (July 2008)

Review of A Secular Age by Charles Taylor in New Blackfriars 90:1029, September 2009

Review of Transcendence and Phenomenology, ed. Peter Candler and Conor Cunningham (London:SCM, 2007), International Journal of Systematic Theology 12:1, January 2010

"Review of In Defense of Sin ed. John Portman, Metapsychology Online Reviews 17:27, July 2013

Review of Religion Without God by Ronald Dworkin, Metapsychology Online Reviews 18:18. May 2014

Forward to Nursing Research in Phenomenology, ed. Mary de Chesnay (New York: Springer,2014)

To Love the World Most Deeply: The Phenomenology of the World as Gift in Augustine's

Confessions" (Article published in journal New Blackfriars 92:1037, January 2011)


National Endowment for the Humanities Grant ($17,000, National "Enduring Questions" Competition), Duquesne University, 2009-2011



Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy and Literature


Organizer and Convener, Annual Phenomenology Symposium, 2009-2015, with themes and speakers including "Phenomenology and the Theological Turn", Simon Silverman featuring Jean-Luc Marion, Edith Wyschogrod, Jay Lampert and Richard Kearney, April 2009, "Phenomenology, Cognition, and Neuroscience", Simon Silverman featuring Catherine Malabou, Dan Zahavi, Shaun Gallagher, and Evan Thompson, "Music and Phenomenology", featuring Marcia Schuback, Judith Lochhead, Dennis Schmidt, and John Sallis, "Phenomenology and Its Critics," featuring Claire Colebrook, Bruno Bosteels, Leonard Lawlor, and Paola Marrati, "Merleau-Ponty Into the Future," with Gail Weiss, Galen Johnson, David Abram, and Laura Doyle, "Phenomenology and the African and Africana Worlds," with Profs. Tsenay Serequeberhan, Elias Bongmba, Kathryn Gines, and Valentin Mudimbe, and "Experiencing Disaster," with Jane Gordon, Kevin Hart, Debra Bergoffen, and David Loy.

Convener, Contemporary Phenomenology Reading Circle, Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center, 2008-present. Convened faculty and advanced graduate student discussions of books and papers by Jean-Luc Marion, Michel Henry, Dan Zahavi, Charles Taylor, Judith Butler, Anthony Steinbock, Merleau-Ponty, Thomas Nagel, Erik Garrett, Gianni Vattimo, Rene Girard, Lewis Gordon, Jurgen Habermas, Cornel West, Maurice Nathanson, Iain McGilchrist

Convener (and usually moderator), Annual Andre Schuwer Memorial Lecture at Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy sponsored by Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center, 2008-2015; speakers have included Profs. Gunter Figal, Rodolphe Gasche, Peg Birmingham, Michael Naas, Miguel de Beistegui, Drew Hyland, Edward Casey

Reader, B.A. Philosophy Honors Thesis, defended April 2013

Member, College Academic Integrity Appeals Committee, Fall 2013-present

Member, Advisory Board, Center for Philosophy and Music, 2014ff.

Faculty, Justitia Learning Community, Fall 2011, Fall 2012, Fall 2013, Fall 2014 with service learning component in Pennsylvania Correctional Institution-Pittsburgh and Allegheny County Jail

Director/Co-Director, Justitia Learning Community, Spring 2014-present

Member, Learning Communities Faculty Advisory Committee, McAnulty College, Fall 2012-present

Faculty-in-the-Dorm Event, "Becoming Human: The Real Point of College," October 2014

Reader, Psychology Ph.D. Dissertation, anticipated defense Spring 2016

Member, Lecturer Selection Committee, Karl Stern Memorial Lecture, 2015ff.

Member, Judging Committee for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium, Spring 2015

Reader, B.A. Philosophy Honors Thesis, defended April 2015

Faculty Participant, Graduate Student Grant-Writing Workshop sponsored by Center for Teaching
Excellence, April 2015