The Heart of the Honors College


The Office of Residence Life and its staff of Resident Assistants (RAs) strives to encourage holistic development in Duquesne's resident population, promoting mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual growth through planning numerous programs and events. These programs not only keep students engaged with various communities (i.e. their hall, the campus, and the city of Pittsburgh), but they also help students continue to learn about themselves and the world they live in outside of a classroom setting.

The Honors College offers additional programs reserved for members beyond the characteristic resident experience; these programs are aimed to be more enriching. Programs usually connect with various departments around campus.

Extra Perk

This weekly event offers Honors College students a free breakfast with various faculty and staff around Duquesne, providing an intimate setting to get to know other departments outside of the classroom.

Major Advice

Fall semester program, geared towards freshmen, occurs about a week before early registration begins. This program entails inviting successful upperclassman in every program to attend and share their knowledge of courses, registration, professors etc. to first-year students and new members of the Honors College.

Cultural Dinners/Global Perspectives

During the dinner, international students and staff from a particular part of the world will speak informally about their culture and experience while attendees enjoy authentic food from the speakers' home country.


Students are challenged to take a daylong break from phones and social media to focus on solely reading books in this all-day competition. Meals are provided to students as they try to outlast each other and take part in discussions about their reading selections.

Midnight Bus Trip

A bus trip is scheduled (typically in the fall) to the midnight release of various films such as The Hunger Games series and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Honors College Society for Engagement Excellence (HCSEE)

The HCSEE provides a vibrant social outlet and helps students hone leadership skills. The HCSEE organizes service projects and academic interest programs, including Race to the Campus and the Duquesne University Academic Challenge (DUAC). Through HCSEE, students build friendships, explore new ideas, and expand their networks. Members may hold various elected positions and offices within the society.