Classroom Technology Updates

Summer 2019

OCT AV Equipment database:   AV Tracker was replaced with a newer classroom database.  OCTAVE still provides a listing of the teachnology offerings with Registrar controlled classrooms, but it now includes 360 degree photos of each space.  Users can select a classroom, click the Full Screen button, and rotate the photo to view the room in its entirity.

Bayer Hall:    Pappert and Wolfe lecture halls were improved with laser projectors, larger, fixed frame screens, newer lecture recording cameras and most importantly --- NEW LED LIGHTS!

College Hall:  A total renovation of Lecture Hall 104 resulted in an updated environment which includes new student seating with integrated power.  All classrooms on floors two and three were upgraded to include digital connections and adjustable height podiums completing the digital upgrade to the building. All Registrar classrooms on floors four, five and six received new classroom seating.

Mellon Hall: Laura and Maurice lecture halls were also improved with laser projectors, fixed frame projection screens and newer lecture recording cameras.

Rockwell Hall: Laser projectors were installed into Lecture Halls #1 and #2 and Rockwell 504 was outfitted with tiered seating.