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Viragh Institute for Ethics in Business


The Viragh Institute for Ethics in Business (IEB) has as its vision to be internationally recognized as a pioneer and leader in business ethics scholarship, education and practice.

The IEB mission emphasizes three pillars:

  1. Scholarship/Thought Leadership
    To create and disseminate new knowledge in the field of business ethics in ways that establish the school's reputation for excellence as thought leaders worldwide.
  2. Curricular Innovation
    To become an internationally recognized resource for how business ethics can be taught in higher education.
  3. Business Ethics in Practice
    To become an internationally recognized resource for "best practices" when it comes to how companies can promote and instill the highest levels of ethical behavior and decision-making throughout the organization.

The IEB's strategic goals, found in its mission statement, emphasize the centrality of ethics at Duquesne University and in the School of Business by emphasizing the three-pronged professional approach of education-scholarly/thought leadership, curricular innovation, and influencing business practice. While presented separately, the three pillars and strategic goals of the IEB work in concert with and mutual support of each other. By attending to each of these strategic goals, the three pillars, the IEB has envisioned a path that will enable it to assume the position of an internationally recognized pioneer and leader in business ethics, scholarship, education and practice.

Thanks to the Beard Faculty Resource Fund in Business Ethics, the Viragh Institute for Ethics in Business at Duquesne University has launched an annual book series, entitled Business and Society 360, sponsored by the International Association for Business and Society (IABS). Each volume is a combination of invited and submitted chapters from top scholars around the world, providing an overview of past work and highlighting cutting-edge research on selected topics related to business ethics.

Co-editors for the series are Dr. David Wasieleski Professor of Management and Business Ethics, and Dr. James Weber, Executive Director of the Viragh Institute for Ethics in Business and Professor of Management and Business Ethics.