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Online Behavior, Research, and Education Center

The Online Behavior, Research, and Education Center (OBREC) of Duquesne University was formed by Dr. David Delmonico in 2002. Since that time, OBREC has worked closely with churches, schools, and mental health agencies in addressing the issue of problematic online behavior as it relates to perpetrators, victims, and professionals who work with both groups of these individuals.


The mission of the OBREC is to conduct research and disseminate information to a variety of individuals, including law enforcement, probation/parole officers, mental health workers, parents, teachers, and others, regarding the general trends of problematic online sexual behavior.

OBREC's Primary Objective

A primary objective for OBREC is to educate individuals on the sociological and psychological impact of the Internet on an individual’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. OBREC has participated in local, regional, and national trainings audiences dedicated to the protection of children from online sexual exploitation.