Woodrow Wilson Pennsylvania Teaching Fellowship

Duquesne University School of Education, in partnership with the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, seeks to attract qualified, dedicated Fellows with interest in the betterment of science and mathematics education to teach in high-needs Pittsburgh area secondary schools. The MAT Secondary Education (7-12) program at Duquesne focuses on diversity, leadership, and technology, while weaving aspects of social justice throughout the curriculum. As teacher candidates, the Fellows in this Graduate Leading Teacher Program will receive an accelerated, research-based, authentic experience as they prepare to become mathematics and science teachers.

Fellows in this program may choose to focus on mathematics, biology, chemistry, or physics. Our faculty take pride in the curriculum they teach and take advantage of the contemporary technology Duquesne University provides. In addition to the rigorous curriculum, Fellows also receive hands-on classroom experiences and diverse field placements. With Duquesne University's premier location in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, as teacher candidates, the Fellows have the opportunity to experience class rooms in a variety of settings.

The School of Education has been chosen as a Woodrow Wilson Pennsylvania Teaching Fellowship site through 2021. Duquesne University is the only site in Western Pennsylvania that hosts this opportunity for future educators. The premise of the WW PA Teaching Fellowship aligns with the mission of Duquesne University, which is "serving God by serving students, who in turn can serve others."

WW PA Teaching Fellowship Details

The WW PA Teaching Fellowship includes:

  • Admission to the MAT Secondary Education  (7-12) program at Duquesne University
  • Teacher certification in biology, chemistry, physics, or mathematics
  • Extensive preparation for teaching in a high-needs urban or rural secondary school
  • A $32,000 stipend for the first year of the program (once Fellows are certified teachers at the end of the first year, they obtain salaried employment in high-needs schools
  • Support and mentoring throughout the three-year teaching commitment
  • Support of a cohort of Fellows passionate about science and math education
  • Lifelong membership in a national network of Fellows, who are often intellectual leaders.

WW PA Teaching Fellowship - Our First Cohort - Spring 2020

Woodrow Wilson PA Teaching Fellowship
Spring 2020 Cohort

Woodrow Wilson Fellow Heather Amper Woodrow Wilson Fellow Jessica Campos Woodrow Wilson Fellow Bethany Giombetti

Heather Amper

Jessica Campos

Bethany Giombetti

Woodrow Wilson Fellow Alexandra Gow Woodrow Wilson Fellow Rachel Milliron Woodrow Wilson Fellow Natalie Panigall

Alexandra Gow

Rachel Milliron
 Natalie Panigall
Woodrow Wilson Fellow Andrew Rinn Woodrow Wilson Fellow Denise Tyler Woodrow Wilson Fellow Madeline Winn
Andrew Rinn Denise Tyler Madeline Winn

Snapshot from class...

First WW PA Teaching Fellowship Cohort students with Dr. Aieyko

School of Education's Dr. Ayieko (center) with the first cohort of Fellows.