Understanding Impeachment Panel

  • 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM
  • School of Law Room 303
School of Law to present "Understanding Impeachment" panel

On December 5, the School of Law will present a one-hour program, "Understanding Impeachment." Associate Dean of Faculty Scholarship, Carol Los Mansmann Chair in Faculty Scholarship Jane Moriarty will moderate a discussion with constitutional law professors Bruce Ledewitz, Will Huhn, and Jalila Jefferson-Bullock.

The educational, non-partisan event will be live streamed and is open to all faculty and students across the university as well as to alumni and members of the public. Student ambassadors will collect questions from the audience.

Organizer Jane Moriarty said, "Professors at the Law School understand believe there is an obligation to educate the public about legal issues that affect citizens' understanding of and participation in democracy." Moriarty said many people do not understand about the impeachment process, its constitutional origins, or its complicated historical role in our democracy. She also intends for the panel to help educate and correct some misunderstandings about impeachment.

"We hope it will be helpful to lawyers, students and members of the public to hear from experts in constitutional law about the historical and contemporary aspects of the impeachment process," said Moriarty.

The school has a long history of providing insight into legal issues that have current implications. Earlier this year, the law school hosted a program on "Special Counsel Investigations and Legal Ethics."

Registration is not required to attend. Panel will start promptly at noon in room 303 of the School of Law. LIVE STREAM LINK HERE ON DECEMBER 5, at NOON.