Prof. Moriarty presents at federal rules of evidence conference

Professor Jane Campbell Moriarty presented at a national symposium on forensic expert testimony in October. The event was held at Boston College Law School in conjunction with meetings of the Advisory Committee on Evidence Rules. The committee makes recommendations to the Judicial Conference on the Federal Rules of Evidence, which codifies the evidence law that applies in federal courts of the United States. Many states have either adopted the Federal Rules of Evidence, with or without local variations, or have revised their own evidence rules or codes to at least partially follow the federal rules.

Moriarty, who serves as Carol Los Mansmann Chair in Faculty Scholarship and Professor of Law at Duquesne University, presented "Judicial Gatekeeping of Forensic Science Feature-comparison Evidence."

Only 30 legal educators, practitioners, members of the judiciary, and scientists from across the country were invited to present. The Symposium on Forensic Expert Testimony, Daubert, and Rule 702 was held in Boston on October 27, 2017, following a day of Advisory Committee on Evidence Rules meetings.

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