Center for Global Health Ethics

Ethics is the foundational root of any healthcare practice. Healthcare ethics is an interdisciplinary field in a globalized context that engages clinical, organizational, professional, and research issues related to medicine, science, law, policy, social science, and the humanities.

The Center for Global Health Ethics provides scholarly and professional training in healthcare ethics consistent with the Catholic, Spiritan identity of Duquesne University. The University is committed to an ecumenical and diverse atmosphere in order to celebrate education of the mind, heart, and spirit, and to cultivate academic excellence, ethically responsible judgement, and social justice. Our goal is to engage and enlighten the minds of future healthcare professionals, teachers, and researchers, promoting excellence in scholarship and training to advance discourse on healthcare ethics in research, education, and service.

At Duquesne University's Center for Global Health Ethics, students, professors, and healthcare ethics professionals come together to explore scenarios, issues and current events in healthcare ethics, and ask difficult questions that drive meaningful change in various ethics fields. In addition to academic courses such as Global Bioethics and Genetics and Ethics, the Center offers multiple degree programs including Catholic Healthcare Ethics. Students at the Center have the opportunity to complete clinical ethics rotations and internships that provide valuable, hands-on experience supervised by faculty. The Center sponsors regular Kelly Lecture Series and facilitates networking events with influential ethics professionals, creating a strong community of inspirational minds and thought-leaders in healthcare ethics.

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Recent Publication Spotlight

Michael Jordan, MSN, MBA, HEC-C is a PhD student and director of integrated research, bioethics, and palliative care at Adventist Health White Memorial in Los Angeles. He authored an article for American Nurse titled "Providing ethics consultation in the middle of a pandemic". The article discussed the importance of transparent care and honest communication when resources are strained. Michael reflects on his personal experiences working as a medical professional in East Los Angeles during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dina Siniora, MBA, is a PhD Candidate who has authored a paper titled "Corporate Social Responsibility in the Health Care Sector" which has garnered over 11,000 downloads and counting!

Duquesne's 2021 Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium

symp 2021

Come watch fascinating presentations by Duquesne's own graduate students, and learn how to participate yourself!

*Course Overview Spring 2021*

Due to COVID-19, in the spring semester, HCE courses will be offered in the following format:

Graduate Courses:
Ethics of Care (HCE 643/743): HyFlex
End of Life Ethics (HCE 656/756): HyFlex
Organizational Ethics (HCE 662/762): Distance Learning
Clinical Healthcare Ethics (HCE 646/746): HyFlex
Clinical Healthcare Ethics II (HCE 647/747): HyFlex
Clinical Internship in HCE I (HCE 681/781): Distance Learning
Clinical Internship in HCE II (HCE 682/782): Distance Learning

Undergraduate Courses:
Religious Bioethics (HCE 201W): HyFlex
Medical Research: Guinea Pig or Duty to Participate (HCE 320): HyFlex
Global Bioethics (HCE 330): HyFlex
Healthcare Ethics (UCOR 255): HyFlex

Please visit Duquesne University's COVID-19 Planning & Information Page for more information.

Congratulations Recent Summer/Fall Graduates!

A hearty congratulations to the following for receiving their respective degrees:

Theresa McCruden - MA/JD
Lisa Martinelli - PhD
Reem Shinawi - PhD
Augustine Wayii - PhD
Roderick Williams - PhD

We are all so proud of you and know you will accomplish great things!

Successful Proposal/Dissertation Defenses

Yoelit Lipinski successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation "Clash of Titans: An Ethical Framework Towards Limitations in Religious Accomodation Within Healthcare" on December 18, 2020. Congratulations Yoelit!

Adele Flaherty successfully defended her dissertation proposal, "A Public Health Ethics Approach to Substance Use Disorder" on December 18, 2020. Congratulations Adele!

Dessa Mrvos successfully defended her dissertation proposal, "Professional Ethics for College Health Services" on December 18, 2020. Congratulations Dessa!

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