Writing, thoughtful reading, synthesizing of information and love of literature and learning typify the English major at Duquesne University.

Department of English and Theater Arts

The Department of English is committed to developing the skills, the knowledge, and the conscience of the next generation of leaders, who will shape the world that they inherit.

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Statement on Inclusion

The Department of English is dedicated to unconditional inclusion through service to all. This dedication is in keeping with Duquesne's Spiritan commitment to ecumenism, as well as respectful, critical conversations that embrace human diversity and dignity. Through the study of language and literature and performance in its various forms, we aim to equip the next generation of leaders with an understanding of and appreciation for the rich complexity and diversity of the human experience in its creative, sacred and social manifestations. We encourage solidarity between people of all classes, gender identities, races, ethnicities, (dis)abilities/embodiments, sexual identities, ages/generations, religions, nationalities/citizenship status, and other vulnerable groups.

English as a Second Language

If you are interested in learning English as a Second Language, please visit the ESL Department website.