• Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, covering material at least equivalent to Duquesne University's undergraduate courses in operating systems, algorithms, and Calculus I along with their prerequisites.
    • Students without the proper background may be admitted provisionally, but will be required to satisfactorily complete missing foundational courses as specified above before taking graduate courses. This foundational coursework will not count towards the necessary graduate credits.
  • The GRE examination is not required for admission, but is recommended.
Application Materials
  • An online application.
  • Official transcripts of prior academic work.
  • Two letters of recommendation, at least one of which should be from a reference who can comment meaningfully on your prior academic performance.
  • A personal statement of at most 500 words that explains why you are applying to the MSCS program and provides any other information you wish the Admissions Committee to have.
  • A resume or curriculum vitae.
  • GRE general exam scores: recommended for admission, required for assistantship applications.  The Duquesne school code is 2196 and the department code is 0703.  Note: Please use the contact information in the left sidebar if the COVID-19 situation prevents you from taking the GRE.
  • For international students who do not waive language testing, TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo scores no more than one year old.  Note: Please use the contact information in the left sidebar if the COVID-19 situation prevents you from taking language exams.

The Admissions Committee does take your entire application into consideration when making admission decisions. If you have questions about your qualifications, please contact the Graduate Director.

Visit the Graduate School of Liberal Arts application page for more application details and a link to the online application cover sheet. Note that our program does not require a writing sample, only a personal statement.

International Students 

For students who do not have an approved waiver of language testing, regular admission to the MSCS program requires language scores of 80 TOEFL (iBT), 6.5 IELTS, or 105 Duolingo English Test.  NOTE: If COVID-19 disruptions prevent you from taking language tests, please contact us using the left sidebar information. For students with scores somewhat below the required minimums, Duquesne's Pathway Program for the Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) program is designed for international graduate applicants who want to improve their English language skills while starting graduate-level coursework. Students admitted to the Computer Science Pathway Program take English as a Second Language (ESL) coursework at Duquesne while also enrolling in graduate courses in the MSCS program. Students who successfully complete the Pathway Program, which lasts no more than one year, and who earn appropriate scores on the GRE, will be directly admitted to the MSCS program with six graduate credits earned toward their degree. The program requires applicants to have earned iBT (TOEFL) test scores of at least 60, IELTS scores of at least 5.5, or Duolingo scores of at least 85 prior to starting the program and to have an appropriate background in Computer Science. See the Pathway Program page for full details and to apply.  

International students who have not had language testing waived as well as all international students who are offered teaching assistantships will be required to have their language skills assessed by Duquesne University's English as a Second Language program and, for teaching assistants, the Center for Teaching Excellence. If a student's language skills need to be improved, the student will be required to pay for and successfully complete appropriate English language training courses.

Visit Duquesne's Center for Global Engagement for detailed information about international admissions, international student services, and English language support.

Application Submission Deadlines
  • Fall admission: February 1st for full consideration; Rolling admission up to June 1st as space is available.
  • Spring admission: July 1st for full consideration; Rolling admission up to November 1st as space is available.
  • Graduate assistantship: February 1. (Assistantships are only granted for the year beginning with the fall term).

Admission deadlines are the same for international students as they are for all other students.

Application Process

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