Applied Mathematics Program Requirements

The B.S. in Applied Mathematics, which requires a minimum of 39 credit hours of mathematics, is recommended for students interested in scientific applications or further study in mathematics on the graduate level.  A grade of C or better must be achieved in all MATH and COSC courses.

Core Courses

All Applied Mathematics majors must take the core courses in the list below. 

  • MATH 115: Calculus I (4 cr)
  • MATH 116: Calculus II (4 cr)
  • MATH 215: Calculus III (4 cr)
  • MATH 250: Foundations of Mathematics (3 cr)
  • MATH 301: Probability and Statistics I (3 cr)
  • MATH 310: Linear Algebra (3 cr)
  • MATH 410: Advanced Linear Algebra (3 cr)
  • MATH 415W: Real Analysis I (3 cr)

Computer Programming Requirement: All Applied Mathematics majors must take a 3-credit programming course chosen from one of the following:

  • COSC 150: Computer Programming: C++ (note: does not count toward Computer Science major/minor)
  • COSC 160: Computer Programming: Java
  • COSC 170: Computer Programming: Python

In addition to the core courses above, the remaining 12 or more credit hours of MATH courses must be at the 300-level or above and must include:

  • Applications component: At least two courses chosen from
    • MATH 302W: Probability and Statistics II (3 cr)
    • MATH 308: Numerical Analysis (3 cr)
    • MATH 314: Differential Equations (3 cr)
  • Theoretical component: At least two courses chosen from
    • MATH 411W: Abstract Algebra I (3 cr)
    • MATH 412W: Abstract Algebra II (3 cr)
    • MATH 416W: Real Analysis II (3 cr) (recommended)
    • MATH 420: Introduction to Complex Variables (3 cr) (recommended)
    • MATH 423W: Topology (3 cr)
    • Applied Mathematics Capstone (3 cr)

Technical and Applied Electives coursework: 9 credits, with at least 3 credits of Technical Electives and at least 3 credits of Applied Electives.

  • Technical Electives include any MATH or COSC course at the 300 level or above.
  • Applied Electives include any BIOL, CHEM, PHYS, BMED, ECON, FINC, ISYS, or MKTG course at the 300 level or above.
Additional Coursework

The B.S. major must also adhere the college core for the Bachelor of Science.