Internship Opportunities

Internship Director Dr. Michael Dillon
514 College Hall

NOTE: All internships done for Media department credit are course-coded as MDIA 451 EXCEPT FOR internships with Duquesne University Athletics' sports information/media relations office (recommended but not required for Sports Information and Media majors), which are coded as MDIA/SPTS 452. Any other internships with Duquesne Athletics, such as those done with Athletics' external relations and/or creative media/digital marketing offices, are coded as MDIA 451.

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Here you will find a directory (spreadsheet below) of companies that have worked with Media department interns. Please be mindful that contact information can go out of date very quickly. If an entry has a link to internship information, please read it before contacting the company. Some companies have protocols they expect applicants to follow and are annoyed when applicants call directly only to be told, "See our link and follow the protocol."

READ THIS FIRST: Important Internship FAQs

Internship Opportunites Spreadsheet


  1. Internship Approval Form (updated 3/25/2019)
  2. Internship Timesheet
  3. Internship Progress Report
  4. Midterm Performance Assessment Form
  5. Final Performance Assessment Form


Q: How do I go about applying for an internship?
A: Visit the Media department website. All of the information and paperwork you need is there.

Q: How do I register for internship credit?
A: All internships are "permission of instructor," meaning you must meet personally with Internship Director Dr. Mike Dillon ( to go over your application before you will be allowed to register. Over the summer break, you can meet with Department Chair Mr. James Vota ( It is important that you receive departmental approval and register prior to beginning any work you hope to claim for internship credit. The university's drop-add period applies to internships.

Q: How many hours must I work to receive credit?
A: 60 hours = 1 credit. 120 hours = 2 credits. 180 hours = 3 credits

Q: How do I find an internship?
A: A spreadsheet with some department-approved internship opportunities can be found on the website referenced above, or you can identify and propose an opportunity you find on your own.

Q: How many internship credits can I take?
A: The department allows a total of 9 extracurricular credits. If you take 6 internship credits, you may take no more than 3 independent study credits. If you take 6 independent study credits, you may take no more than 3 internship credits.

Q: I worked for a media company over the summer? Can I count that as an internship after the fact?
A: No. Internships must be applied for and approved by the department beforehand. Credit cannot be awarded after the fact.

Q: What kind of internship will be considered for credit?
A: We do not allow online internships. In addition, we expect that you will work closely with an experienced person in your field who will supervise, teach and mentor you. Simply doing work you already know how to do will not be considered for internship credit.

Q: I have a question about paperwork or how and when to submit forms.
A: The documentation you need to successfully complete your internship is listed above. The forms themselves can be found in the Media department office or on our website. See Administrative Assistant Deanna Liberatore if you have further questions about forms: