Digital Media Arts - Web Concentration

The Web concentration allows students to pursue a design and usability approach to web development or a more technical programming approach. The design approach is the study of graphic design and interface usability for the development of attractive and functional web pages. The technical approach focuses on programming languages for the web, database applications and other server technologies to build web-based applications.

Graduates find employment in web design, web-based training, website management, multimedia-based internet applications, and many other technology-related positions.

(video produced by Media student)

Students will be able to:

  • Evaluate website usability.
  • Optimize media for web delivery.
  • Understand and apply web design standards.
  • Create database-driven dynamic websites.
  • Create sites that incorporate evolving web capabilities.
  • Develop interactive client-side interfaces.

Digital Media Arts Major - Web Concentration (36 Credits)

  • MDIA 140 - Media Literacy*
  • MDIA 260 - New Media Production*
  • MDIA 465W - Media Ethics*
  • MDIA 473 - Media Law and Regulation*
  • Elective chosen in collaboration with faculty mentor
  • DMA 440 - Professional Development & Project Management
  • DMA 226 - Intro to Web Design & Development
  • DMA 318 - Web Design
  • DMA 472 - Client-Side Scripting I
  • Other Media elective courses (nine credits) — Students will select electives after consultation with their department mentors.

*All majors in the Media department will take 12 credits of departmental core courses.

Minoring in Digital Media Arts