Explore the rich history and ongoing evolution of the Duquesne Psychology Department

Departmental Archives Project

The Departmental Archives Project strives to collect and record the rich history and ongoing evolution of the Psychology Department at Duquesne University.  We focus particularly on the department's contributions in the area of human science psychology, and welcome comments, photographs, suggestions, and conversation. An ongoing project, we are continously adding to these pages, and revising existing ones.

Continuing Stories

The Continuing Stories archive offers a series of interviews with distinguished alumni, faculty, and friends who share their memories and reflections about the department's storied past, as well as dreams and hopes for its future.

Historical Timeline

The Historical Timeline provides an overview of key moments in the historical story from the 1950s to the present.

Early Trailblazers

The Early Trailblazers archive provides capsule biographies of the early faculty members of the Duquesne Psychology Deparment.

Dissertation Archive

The Dissertation Archive is a comprehensive list of the dissertations produced by the department from its inception to the present day.