The Criminal Justice Minor and Certificate

The Criminal Justice Minor & Certificate are intended to provide a brief background in the same essential knowledge, substantive application and general perspectives provided in our Major Concentration in Criminal Justice. In addition, the Criminal Justice Minor and Certificate will take a conceptual approach to the material and will foster critical thinking about crime and the criminal justice system. Essential knowledge about criminal justice includes understanding the relationship between crime and society (covered in Theories of Crime courses). This knowledge is situated in substantive applications to social problems and policy, societal dynamics and institutions, and the operation of the criminal justice system (covered in our electives). Finally, this minor and certificate provides students with a sociological perspective in understanding how crime and criminal justice systems are related to social inequality and social justice (covered in most offerings but assured by the two inequality course requirements).

Official permission of the Sociology Department is required to register for the Criminal Justice Certificate.

We require that students meet with the Department Chair in order to better plan their course selections. Students must also officially register for the Criminal Justice Minor or Certificate following the guidelines for their School.

Liberal Arts students must register for the certificate or minor in DORI.