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Undergraduate Research

Many of our math and computer science majors complete research projects with our faculty.  Below is a list of recent poster presentations by our majors.    

Summer 2018 Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium

Summer 2018: Joshua Baktay - Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium Presentation

Picture of Joshua Baktay

Undergraduate math and physics major Joshua Baktay, presented his research in computational neuroscience at the Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium on July 27th. Josh participated in the 10-week Pain Undergraduate Research Experience (PURE) this summer with advisor Dr. Rachael Neilan.


Spring 2018 Undergraduate Research and Scholorship Symposium

Four of our majors presented posters at the Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium on April 11th. Derek Prijatelj and Nicholas Marshman (advised by Patrick Juola), Andrea Sajewski (advised by Stacey Levine), and Joshua Baktay (advised by Rachael Neilan) displayed their research in mathematics and computer science. Joshua Baktay received an honorable mention ($100 prize) for the BSNES Excellence in Research award.

Summer 2017 Undergraduate Research Program 

Joshua Baktay (senior)

URSS Picture

"A Computational Model of the Central Nucleus of the Amygdala During Bladder Pain"

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rachael Miller Neilan and Dr. Benedict Kolber

Josh is a Mathematics  and Physics major

Spring 2017 Undergraduate Research and Scholorship Symposium

Donovan Ramsey (senior) and Brady Sheehan (senior)

URSS Picture

"Geometry -vs- Intensity in Image Denoising"

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Stacey Levine

Donovan is a Computer Science major with minors in Mathematics and Digital Media Arts

Brady is a dual major in Computer Science and Mathematics

Nick Pitoniak (freshman)

URSS Picture

"Systematic Detection of Skip-Grams in Computational Linguistics"

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Patrick Juola

Nick is a Computer Science major

Dan Watson (senior) and Derek Prijateli (senior)

URSS Picture

"Analysis of Common Practices in Automated Stylometry"

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Patrick Juola

Dan and Derek are Computer Science majors with minors in Mathematics and Philosophy

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