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Master of Fine Arts in Media Arts and Technology

Students enrolled in our Master of Science (M.S.) in Media Arts and Technology program can complete that program, but no new students are being accepted for it.
A Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) in Media Arts and Technology program is coming in fall 2019.

Master of Fine Arts Information

Coming soon. Contact Media chair Jim Vota (vota@duq.edu) for details.

Click here to see how to apply.

Master of Science Information

A master's degree in Media Arts and Technology enables students to navigate technological, cultural and economic opportunities in the fields of multimedia design, development, and management. Students can immerse themselves in the production aspects of these fields or choose a course of study that emphasizes management and strategy in this 36-credit program. Our three program concentrations include Digital Media, Web Design and Development, and Media Management.

Some of our M.S. students are recent college graduates seeking to enhance their career options. Others are in mid-career seeking to advance in their chosen fields or prepare themselves to cross over into new fields. Our instructors are leading scholars in Media but also possess significant professional credentials and provide real-world, hands-on learning environments so that students understand the larger contexts of their work, possess the technical proficiency to excel at that work, and are positioned to seize opportunities as media technologies and industries evolve and change.

For specific questions about the M.S. program, contact our graduate director, Dr. William Gibbs (gibbsw@duq.edu).

To see examples of graduate student work in the Media department, visit our blog.