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Director: Dr. James Swindal

Faculty members of Fides: Dr. Janie Fritz & Joshua Wood


Fall 2019

UCOR 101C Thinking and Writing across the Curriculum (MWF 1:00pm) Joshua Wood

Practice in analysis and expression in many disciplines, as preparation for other work in the university-wide integrated Core Curriculum and for later courses throughout the university.

UCOR 132C Basic Philosophical Questions (MWF 10:00am) Dr. James Swindal

Philosophy, "the love of wisdom", is a discipline for discussing basic questions about ourselves and our world. Students read selected works by major figures throughout the history of philosophy; they are encouraged to think critically and to formulate their own answers to perennial philosophical questions. This course is required for all students in the university. It counts as the first course for the major and minor in philosophy.

COMM 103C Exploring Interpersonal Communication (TTH 9:25am) Dr. Janie Fritz

Exploring Interpersonal Communication deals with how our worldviews, particularly our beliefs about the meaning of human existence, inform the way we communicate with others in various types of relationships and guide our understanding of interpersonal justice.

St. Stephen Church in Hazelwood    FIDES students serving at The Table soup kitchen