City Music Center is open to students of all ages (preK-12 as well as adults). For the best results, we encourage all learners to choose their own level of involvement. There are several paths to take:

  • A la carte - If you're new to City Music Center and just want to try a class or two to get acquainted, this option provides a great deal of flexibility by allowing students to choose class options from a list of courses.
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  • Lessons PLUS - This option allows for students to begin with lessons only and freely add electives at a reduced rate compared to a la carte pricing. Students involved in this program can also cross-register with TRYPO or YC2 for performance experience in large and chamber ensemble settings.
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  • Full-Curriculum - If you are looking for a comprehensive, inclusive, and immersive music-making experience, this option covers all the bases. Enjoy a streamlined educational experience that teaches your child how to integrate music theory and historical context into the performance and presentation of their musical craft.
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